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Project Harm Reduction

Homeless and Vulnerable Women Assistance

Starting October 1, 2020 Freedom Youth Family Justice Center, Inc will launch an initiative to meet people where they are to provide services  by creating pop up locations across the five boroughs. We will be assisting homeless  and vulnerable women living on the streets of New York with benefits enrollment, clothing referrals, and locating shelter for cis women and trans women. We are hoping that by meeting these women where they are and providing them with support and helping them locate  basic needed items we will be able to get them the help they need and prevent the women from falling victim to human trafficking and further violence.

Operation Follow Up

Domestic Violence  Victims Unit

Covid-19 Introduced challenges for so many and among those that were affected was victims of Domestic Violence. Many of our victims and survivors was unfortunately trapped in the homes with their abusers and no real plan to escape and get the assistance that many of them needed. In the month of May Freedom Youth and Family Justice Center, Inc and NYU partner up to build a survey that would asses the needs of vulnerable women residing within the five boroughs of New York. 

The survey results was alarming and  provided us with much needed information pertaining to the women needs during COVID-19 and lend way to valuable information concerning domestic violence., survival sex, food insecurity, landlord abuse, and the many fears that sex workers had.

The staff at Freedom Youth and NYU was all shocked at how many women were being abused during covid-19 pandemic and so many of these individuals were  trapped in their homes with their abusers and with the second wind of Corona Virus spreading we want to make sure that we are checking up on those that have endured domestic violence and may need help existing.

 We ae working closely with the elected officials to create a small taskforce that will help assist the NYPD Unit with follow up.



Covid-19 Testing Sites


Human Trafficking

Report Domestic Violence

National Suicidal Hotline

Refer A Person

Get FoodNYC