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Human Trafficking Training

Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness Workshops (2 hours) $300

Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Workshops are offered for parents, families and students on-site at schools, community-based organizations, youth & family programs, churches, community centers, and other locations. During these workshops, participants will learn what human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children is, learn about the role of social media and technology in human trafficking, recognize the signs that their someone may be involved in human trafficking, learn about the role of social media and technology in human trafficking, and discuss the risk factors of human trafficking and demographics of those targeted by traffickers small payment batch order 

Human Trafficking Prevention & Workshops

Comprehensive Human trafficking training

Comprehensive Human Trafficking Training for Staff (4 hours) $1500

The comprehensive training for staff is available for organizations that work directly with youth and individuals that may be vulnerable to human trafficking. Topics covered in this training include: What is human trafficking, ways of entry into human trafficking , preconceptions of sex workers and human trafficking victims, mental effects of human trafficking on victims, preventing CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation of children), risk factors associated with trafficking, the role of social media and technology, how to Identify possible indicators of human trafficking that they may encounter on the job , information on how traffickers operate, who are the buyers of human trafficking victims, reporting and referral resources for victims of human trafficking, Human Trafficking laws, safety planning techniques. and interactive and hands-on case studies. 

Comprehensive Human trafficking Training for Professionals and Employees


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Human Trafficking

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